Nintendo Virtual Boy - Display Repair

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Issues we can repair:

-Vertical/Horizontal lines on one or both displays.
-No video on one or both displays.
-General distortion on one or both displays

Repair Service Description: Once received, unit will be tested to determine the issue. Once the issue is determined your unit will be disassembled and repaired. After reassembly, your unit will be tested to ensure the issue has been corrected. Unit will then be re-tested multiple times over a 24 hour period to confirm the issue does not reoccur. Unit will be packed and returned to you.

Q: What if I previously opened my Virtual Boy and unsuccessfully attempted to repair it?
A: It's possible your unit may be not be able to be repaired. Please contact us first.

Q: Can you guarantee that my unit can be repaired?
A: No. Until we inspect your unit, we cannot make any guarantees.

Q: How quickly will my unit be repaired?
A: Repairs are typically completed in 2-3 business days.

Q: What method of repair do you use?
A: We re-solder all of the connections on the display unit's ribbon cables.

Q: Is this fix permanent?
A: In our experience, yes.

Q: Does this service include a warranty?
A: Yes, if you experience any issues within 90 days, you may return it for inspection/repair.

Q: What if my unit cannot be repaired?
A: If your unit cannot be repaired we will contact you directly and explain your options.

Q: Where do I ship my unit? How exactly will this work?
A: Once you purchase the service, detailed instructions will be provided via email.

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