Sega Game Gear Repair - Full Capacitor Replacement (Recap)

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Issues a recap can correct:

-Distorted video.
-No video and/or audio.
Repair Service Description: Once received, unit will be tested, disassembled and recapped. After reassembly, your unit will be tested to ensure full functionality. Unit will be packed and returned to you.

Q: Why did this happen to my Game Gear? Is this a common problem?
A: It's a very common problem. Game Gears were manufactured using poor quality capacitors. As a result, they gradually fail causing the above issues.

Q: What if I previously opened my Game Gear and unsuccessfully attempted to repair it?

A: It's possible your unit may be not be able to be repaired. Please contact us first.

Q: Can you guarantee that my Game Gear can be repaired?
A: No. Until we inspect your unit, we cannot make any guarantees.

Q: How quickly will my unit be repaired?
A: Repairs are typically completed in 2-3 business days.

Q: What method of repair do you use?
A: We replace all of the capacitors. We use only quality, brand name capacitors.

Q: Is this fix permanent?
A: It should be good for the life of the new capacitors (we only use quality capacitors).

Q: Does this service include a warranty?
A: Yes, if you experience any issues within 90 days, you may return it for inspection/repair.

Q: What if my unit cannot be repaired?
A: If your unit cannot be repaired we will contact you directly and explain your options.

Q: Where do I ship my unit? How exactly will this work?
A: Once you purchase the service, detailed instructions will be provided via email.

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